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"The new pickle."

— Postprandial Magazine


Our Mission


Tut’Zanni Theatre Company exists to create fun, interactive experiences that invite audiences to stand with us on the precipice of what happens next? 

As storytellers, we expand the views of not only what theatre can be, but what people can be. We bring people together to take them on an adventure that allows all of us to open our eyes, see our mistakes, comfort the heartbreak, celebrate the ridiculous, and remind ourselves that beauty and play exist everywhere. We do this because we believe that theatre is nothing if not entertaining, and the best theatre should challenge our perspectives on the world and stir up the sediment so that we live truer, more just, more equal, more generous and more thoughtful lives. 


Our Shows


We use masks, archetypal characters, physical comedy and improv to create a rough-and-tumble, “people’s theatre” style that is fun, relatable, and engaging. 

Our shows are all about the characters, like the overworked and undervalued employee, their boss the tightwad business owner, the braggy social climber, and power-hungry politician (sound familiar?). At our shows, these characters invite the audience to join in the fun: to shout, suggest, support and heckle them along the way. Together, we are able to talk about our world and struggles, and most importantly laugh.


"The new pickle."

— Postprandial Magazine


Our Story

When a man loves a woman very much… just kidding! We met in 2006 while attending the Accademia dell’Arte in Italy. It was a special semester. We won’t soon forget it. ;-)

Then in 2011, ALi and Dory called up Liam, Patrick, Allegra and Molly to meet and devise an original work, which became Art for Sale. With that, Tut’Zanni was born.

We come from all over the place. Outside Tut’Zanni we work as actors, directors, teachers, musicians, accountants, bartenders, dishwashers, administrators, and more, all over the United States and Europe.

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Training & Workshops