ALi Landvatter and Patrick Berger are excited to present their new immersive Commedia dell’Arte production titled The American Workplace. Inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times, this immersive live event will explore the absurdity of the modern version of the factory: the office. Using commedia-style masks and archetypes, the audience meets articulate the wacky and wild characters of our modern offices. Taking place in an actual conference room, the show will have the audience take on the role of new employees at the infamous Job Corp, America’s most innovative company. Complete with a go-getter personal assistant, a hum-drum IT worker, a CEO that has “changed the world”, and more, this show takes the audience on a ridiculous journey through American office culture. In the end, The American Workplace hopes to find the comedy in this great American tragedy called work.



The Show

We see the audience for this show as the American Workforce. Anyone who has worked a 9-5 or in an office will relate to this piece. They walk in and are immediately greeted as a new employee. They are tossed into an orientation, complete with new hire paperwork and a pile of odd disclosures. It should hit close to home, but in a more whimsical, tongue-in-cheek sort of way. 

This show will go up in late April or early May, and run about 60 minutes.