The Process

Over the next few days, Tut'Zanni's process grew out of hard work and specific techniques.

Day 4

This day started out with the yard sale early in the morning. We were all very tired and made sure to make a coffee run first thing. Sweet Shanna was nice enough to bring some homemade cookies to sell as well as oreo, velvet, cheesecake muffins for us to eat (thanks Shanna!). We set up our yard sale in our own artistic style... without hangers we hung dresses, coats, and other fancy items from the trees and made colorful signs to hail down traffic. We sold a good amount of our items and made enough money to cover all of our grocery shopping. That was a success.

Later, we went to back to work. First we wrote out the script we created for the first half of the Canovaccio. We were able to use the space and spent the rest of the time cleaning up the Capitano - Colombina scene. That night we toasted to the hardest day we have experienced yet as a company and celebrated by making dinner together.

Day 5 - 7

We used our time to clean scene by scene. We would spend at least 2 hours on each scene making sure it was as tight as possible before we moved on. Each day would begin with a review of what we had done the day before. We also began each day with physical and vocal warm up as well as vocal exercises in the mask. After we finished the script, we would use any down time to go over it again and again. The day would end with at least two complete runs of the show in the space.


We were excited and nervous when showtime came. It was all we could do not to run ourselves into the ground before the show began. We had been working from 9 am to 12:00 am every day to be sure we were prepared for this performance. Family, friends, colleagues and strangers came out to give their absolute support to our artistic vision. You are always afraid when you create something in a group that it may not be well received by a general audience. This fear subsided immediately in the first scene when giggles grew to full boisterous laughter, gasps and sympathetic awes... it is always fulfilling for us when we are sharing with the audience. It is the reason we are artists. The best feeling was that in 7 days we created a full piece from scratch that was well received and something we were proud to share.

Thanks again to all who came out to support our debut show! We hope you enjoyed the adventure as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you.