Patrick interviews Patrick. A meta-interview.

P: I am so excited to be here with myself today. Talking to myself about my latest exploration with the tut'zanni crew. So Patrick, let's start simple, tell me about your time in Chicago.

P: We come together.
We create.
It is a flurry of activity, of energy, of more.
When I leave the experience, I finally feel ready to do the work. I am exhausted but just about ready.
P: That is a great question. 

P: Preparation is definitely something I discovered. What do I need to do while we are apart so that the moment I enter the space I am ready?

So that I am ready to:
     - listen to my fellow players with my whole being
     - respond with joy and love and presence, be completely in the moment, be open
     - embrace the chaos as the beauty it provides and not fear it
     - understand my character's mind and release myself and allow the mask to take hold
     - have fun, and allow that weirdo part of myself to follow its impulses
     - look at every thing that happens as an opportunity
     - ground myself, both mentally and physical (for one usually follows the other)
     - express with precision, physically and verbally, with precision and economy
I guess, it is a bit about - how do I get myself out of the way of myself. 
Isn't that the question. And an interesting one to ask oneself, while interviewing oneself.

P: So, since that was a realization. Maybe another question that might be a good follow-up is, what was your most exciting discovery?

P: Colombina. I was really afraid of that mask. I was really afraid to try out a mask that had so much to it and carried an energy that I had not explored before and was supposed to be off limits to me. Colombina, according to some, is strictly female. It is the only mask that lives exclusively in the realm of women. That is exciting and scary to usurp. I don't want to run from the feminine energy, but I don't want to make a mockery of it. I want to give myself over to it. What I found, that was really interesting, was the grounding required for Colombina was more than I usually have. However, the masks energy moves in two directions - grounded and up. It is finding the balance of those two energies. 

P: So, then, where do you go from here?

P: I have two big things to think about moving forward. How to better connect with Colombina and how to create a preparation regimen that allows me to enter the rehearsal room ready to create and play. So, that is what I do now. Those are my personal pieces of homework.