New Show. Part 2.

So, the drama continues. 

Ali and I continue to wrestle with this new canovaccio for DON'T Save the Princesses!

This week, we had a bit of a revelation. Which, interestingly, coincided with Dory's blog post. I think that Dory sent us some brain waves because we were definitely on the same vibe.

For this show, we had been trying so hard to make the Princess a good example, a positive force within a difficult system, society. We kept trying to make her a character that fights for her rights. You know, a strong positive female example. 

But what we realized is that we need not depict her as a strong, independent princess. We need to depict her as a princess. This came to us as we were on Urban Dictionary looking at the definitions of princess (Ali instagrammed one of her favorite definitions).

On Urban Dictionary, people were heated about their definitions of princess. And for the most part, a princess was not a positive thing. So, what if she starts as that kind of princess. 

That led to another discovery, she could not really be based on other commedia characters - she would have to be a fully original character. Much like El Capitano. She needed to be The Princess.

A new female to add to the Master class.

La Principessa.

- Patrick out