New show. New show. NEW show!

New show time!

So, we have 2 shows under our belt, as a company. And the way we built each of those was similar but not equal. And it is time to start running with a few new shows. We created 2 new canovacci when everyone was here in March and a third promptly after the trip. 

The hardest part of it all.

The step, once we have the idea of the show fleshed out; the step right after and right before we put it on its feet and play. This is the hardest part because there is not much that is known. And I know that so much will change and grow as we figure things out. It's the space between known and not known. It's like that moment before you go on stage where you know the journey but don't know where that night will go. 

It's also the most exciting part. 


If I had to define the steps of this process up until now, it would say:

  1. An idea. Usually the seed of something small.
    1. Art for Sale: how hard it is for an artist to create/share something, all the obstacles.
    2. Love Letter Lost: starting from an old canovaccio.
    3. DON'T Save the Princesses: video games and turning female troupes on their head: a princess can save herself. 
  2. Some moments. We brainstorm some moments that might be in a show of that idea.
  3. We string some moments together into a canovaccio.
  4. We talk through that journey and poke holes and try to patch them up as we go. At this time, the entire canovaccio gets turned around and upside down. We talk about all our choices and try to find the right ones. We think in terms of a journey. We think in terms of possible lazzi. We think in terms of constructs we want in the show. We think in terms of 100 different competing pieces. We slowly find our way to the canovaccio.

5. We put it up on its feet. And play. 

We are right now in the space between 4 and 5.
It's exciting and hard.
It feels like a big space. Well, it feels like there is a lot of space to fill.
Oh, the life. 

Oh, lord, I almost forgot the secret ingredient to the process.