8-bit Princesses and Real Life Barbie

Listen, if I blogged on the day I was supposed to, it just wouldn't be ME.

Working in the 8-bit world of Don't Save the Princesses has been really fun. Here are some versions of the Princess, and a little Hero as well:

I always love adding new skills to my repertoire. 

The Princess also exists in live action, and this has had me thinking a lot about her mask. In commedia dell'arte, the inammorati (the lovers) are examples of unmasked characters, often with heightened makeup, and using their whole body and physicality as their mask.

I am thinking this would be perfect. Firstly, the physicality will have to hint to the video game world, which has been hilarious and awkward to work with, but then I remembered are "real life anime girl" and "real life barbie" girls who use makeup to create a disturbing and mesmerizing effect:

Terrifying, right?! Don't worry, we'll do some practice rounds and share.

ALi out.