Why use the term Commedia dell'Arte?

So. Here is the truth about Commedia dell' Arte - it died. Like, went away for a good 100+ years. What did that mean? It was, sort of, lost. Well, the details were lost.

We know/understand the main ideas of Commedia because they were written down or orally shared and passed along. But a lot of the intricacies and nuance of the form was essentially lost forever.

The Tut'Z have constructed their own version of Commedia. It is based on ideas that were saved about Commedia, but it isn't a perfect recreation since that is pretty hard (no experts remain). 

But for all intensive purposes, we say that we do Commedia dell'Arte. But we have started talking about what it would mean if we ease up on all the Commedia. Does it make use more accessible? Does it make us more confusing? Is it helpful or hurtful to helping someone find their way into our sphere?

What is the point of using a dead term if it lost its meaning, but your work is based on its ideas?

Should we call it something new? What would that be?