Newest Member and First Rehearsal

Day I of rehearsals has come and gone-and we are all covered in sweat, both our own and each other’s.

It was a very hot, but encouraging start to our creative process-and for me, as the newest member, a very supportive welcome to the work.  We spent the morning doing physical and vocal warm-ups as well as getting into the masks to find our voice, physicality and to start to play.  It is amazing how much can change in your work when you start to play-organically the most hilarious things start to happen.  All of us have commented on how we have laughed so hard that we have all burst into tears multiple times everyday that we have been here. 

Company meeting in the morning

Dory's work today had us all crying with laughter, including her 

The founder of our company and a very serious dancer.

Dance Monsters or Monster Dancers?

No caption needed.

Dory is currently suffering from limited mobility, which means putting on and taking off costumes is a three person job.

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The show is changing a great deal from the work that the company started in Los Angeles-for one thing, Dory is in a cast as you can see in the photo above and Ali is still suffering from being hit by a car so we are working to create a show that is utilizing all the things that Dory and Ali can do without breaking any other parts of their bodies.   

Today we went over structure of the scenes as well as the relationship that all the characters have with each other.  So much of that is different, so finding the balance of keeping the great work that the company created before I started and adding me into the mix is tricky.  We all miss Allegra, and watching footage of her work has reminded me of how we all bring such different and strong ideas to the table.  

We also have Liam to thank for these amazing photos-I just noticed that he is not in any of them...but I assure you, he is actually here. 

There is a great deal of work to come, as well as showers, meals, bug bites (I have five so far!) and laughter.  It is really a dream come true to be back in the place that we all met and to be doing the work that brought us together.  Stay tuned for more to come...

Molly Tomhave-company member.