Remember when we threw a dance party here?

Where was that gelato place that was amazing?

Arezzo looks exactly the same as I remember it!

Today was a day of adjusting our internal clocks, loading up on essential supplies, and laying out our game plan. The surprisingly hot morning began with much-needed cappuccinos and cornetti at a local bar. The company then hiked through fields of grapevines to a local supermarket to buy enough food to last us for at least our first few days of rehearsals. We had a productive mid-afternoon lunch meeting where Ali and Dory presented our tentative schedule of rehearsals. We’ll first work on warm up and exercises, then start playing around with some of the material we already have. We’re very excited to begin collaborating with our newest Tut’Zanni member, the inimitable Molly Tomhave! She’ll be a welcome addition to our show, and we’re excited to see how the show (and company!) grows with her input and energetic spirit added to the mix.

The late afternoon was spent re-acquainting ourselves with the beautiful walled city of Arezzo. Can’t say it’s changed a lot since we were together in 2006, but hey, the city’s been around for thousands of years – why change a good thing? After an unexpected wine tasting, some excellent gelato and a vigorous hike back up to the Villa, we’re enjoying the last few moments of a leisurely Tuscan day before we set off to work rehearsing Art for Sale and counting down the days to the Crisis Art Festival at the Accademia dell’Arte!