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Long Overdue

Yes, yes, we know. We are TERRIBLE at keeping up with our blog!  So let us give you a quick little update-

FringeNYC was fantastic. It was such a good chance to be able to perform as well as see what other artists are doing. We had 5 performances altogether, which, of course, differed drastically. One of our favorites was filmed though, so once the footage is all edited and pretty, we’ll give you a little peek ;).

We each stayed all around the city with friends and family. Luckily, we seem to know a fair amount of people in the Big Apple. One of the great things about being there for the full 3 weeks of the festival was that we also had some down time to explore the city, see some shows, and really take in the whole experience.

From day 1, things were insane. That’s just how we do things. Dory and ALi had to build some portable flats, ingeniously crafted out of pvc pipe and a shadowscreen (which may or may not have been a plastic tablecloth).

These were assembled literally minutes before our tech rehearsal, where they were fireproofed as per New York law.

Our venue was The Cherry Lane Theatre, which is a gorgeous Off-Broadway stage, and we were very lucky to have it.

Rehearsal was tight as usual, and performances always varying. As scheduling turned out, we had Allegra performing with us on our first and last shows, with Molly in the middle 3.  We were very pleased with the entire run, and we are very glad that we attended the festival.

We were featured in Play by Play Magazine, you can read the article 


We also were reviewed by NYTheatre, which you can read 


The audience response was great. People really seemed to really like the show, and we gained some new fans :).

Overall, we loved New York, and were so grateful to be a part of FringeNYC!