The Berlin Wall is Being Rebuilt?!

No. It's not. But we had to con you into clicking our link, and to be fair, this post is related to Berlin, so only a few of those words were lies.

We just wanted to give you a little looky-loo into what we are up to!

Just because Tut'Zanni has settled down geographically a bit for 2012, doesn't mean that we aren't still hard at work. After all, so long as the world doesn't end this month, 2013 is just lurking around the corner, and we want to hit the ground running.

So here is what we are excited for: we are developing a new show with the working title, "HELP?!". As you have probably guessed, the show is to be about helping. But it's not just a bunch of feel-good stories about good people helping other people. Of course not. Because Commedia characters are not good people. The 'Zanni are not good people. We are not good people. No. They (and we) are just regular people (and sometimes terrible people...). And as we know, when regular people try to help, sometimes it doesn't go so well, or the have ulterior motives, or maybe help wasn't needed at all. We have all experienced or witnessed terrible things happen, storms and hurricanes and disasters, even just this year in New York and many other places. We have all needed help in our lives, or tried to help those around us, and in our show, we intend to explore all of these things, and more! And, of course, as a Tut'Zanni show, we'll be making sure it is as raunchy, vulgar, and hilarious as possible.

Now, we have been doing as much work as possible through  the wonders of today's technology, but we can only do so much wearing pirate hats and goatees in group video chats. We are going to have to come together physically and put this show in its feet! So, in February 2013, Tut'Zanni is running away to Berlin! Where the air is ripe with creativity, and the city is filled to the brim with inspiring art and those who created it. And, perhaps the more realistic motivation, theatre space that costs less than lunch (and believe me, the term "starving artist" is definitely applicable to us), and there are plenty of cozy little living spaces we can cram into. And let's not forget that our lovely co-founder, Dory, will be so pregnant that the changing air pressure in a plane would probably make her pop! Ok, not really, but we aren't going to make her travel across continents anyway.

As excited as we are, these things all mean the time for fundraising has begun! So we are reaching out to all fo you for your help and support, in whatever form. We are going ot be putting out some great swag, starting with our cute Tut'Zanni Monster calendars, and sweet glow-in-the-dark wristbands! They are available on our


 under "


", and all proceeds go directly to Tut'Zanni Theatre Company. You can also make donations on our "


!" tab (in case you hadn't noticed, you can also just click any of those words. Yay for links!). We understand that not everyone can donate monetarily, and that's totally fine! We're poor too, we get it. But you can still help. Spread the word, like our pages, follow our twitter, share our links! Let your family and friends know we exist, and help us rally up some support. We love and appreciate all of our fans, and all that you do for us!

We are planning a lot for 2013, Berlin is just the beginning! So keep checking us out and what we're up to, and when Tut'Zanni comes to town, come and see us!

Ok, so none of these pictures except one have really been related to the post itself, but let's be honest- blogs are far less boring when they have pictures (and who doesn't like Tut'Z in a Tub?!)! Plus we like to share our craziness with you. Help us create more weirdness in 2013!!!