I was born on a Wednesday-so now I write a blog on that day... unless I forget and then post it on Thursday

Yes, despite the multiple reminders on my phone, and emails about blogging, I still managed to ADD my way out posting yesterday. So here I am this morning, contemplating whether to post something and change the date to yesterday and pretend everything's fine, or just own the fact that I am constantly a space cadet.

One thing I love about this company is the gentle forgiveness and understanding we have for one another, like when we all agree to do something and then I forget to do it... :D

Seriously though, it has been quite a journey trying to figure out how you bring 6 crazies from around the world together multiple times a year to create something for an audience, and then somehow maintain a regular life. This requires a special group of people, and a balance of holding ourselves responsible, as well as being flexible. This year especially is proving to be testing our boundaries, and forcing us to grow. This is exciting. And scary. And exciting.

This is the first year that we are creating a show that we are not all physically around for. We are at a point where just 1 or 2 projects a year is not enough if we want to continue to grow, and that means filling in the gaps with smaller, more manageable pieces. It's a fantastic opportunity to see how to create something when we're all still spread out, because honestly creating something we are not all a part of at least in some capacity is just not going to happen. Our best work always comes out when we all have a hand in it. It will be interesting to see what that looks like, working through the FOMO, and how to give notes for vulnerable work without being able to hug it out. 

Where I am with our current new project, DON'T Save the Princesses... I'm nervous. Good nervous. Scared nervous. Once we got a somewhat solid canovaccio, I felt much better, but am now facing the fact that we have about 3 weeks to complete a rough run, with only 2 out of 3 of us consistently available to put it on it's feet. Quite possibly we'll only have 2 days with all 3 of us before we are all out of town until halfway through June. BUT. 3 weeks in Tut'Z time can be equivalent to 3 months solid rehearsal time for other companies. Also, working with less people- is it going to go faster? No idea. I am creating new masks. This is extremely exciting, and I hope they work on stage. I am glad we are participating in the GamePlay Festival, because I think finding the right audience is half the battle, and I think they'll be the most open to a show like this. I want to send the right message with this show. I don't want to be preachy. I want it to be positive. I want them to get it. 

Speaking of trying to maintain a normal life, I may be quitting my job, because it takes up too much of my mental energy and stress, and I want that to be spent on my creative projects and Tut'Zanni. I guess that's why a good old fashioned day job is always best for an artist. I miss getting bored at a cash register and doodling so much that I end up writing a whole cartoon. 

Some of this is usually what we put in emails, but this blog is for us, right? Plus, one of the biggest questions we get as a company is HOW DO YOU DO IT. So, I figure, full transparency. It's hard. Sometimes you're broke, quit your job, can't work because you broke up with your boyfriend, or have a hilarious online dating experience that ends up as a show. This is the life I chose, and I love every second of it.